Pencil DAO

where artists go digital with 

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Pencil DAO is NFT ecosystem

which aims to:

  • Provide infrastructure where digital artists can launch their unique NFT projects by holding PENCIL governance tokens
  • Allow PENCIL holders to decide which products of artists should be launched first or cancelled completely using governance platform
  • Allow PENCIL holders to control the settings of marketplace and other infrastructure utilities using governance platform (taxes, allocations, listing requirements and more)
  • Provide decentralized NFT factory where everyone can create their custom NFT collection using templates or their own art
  • Distribute part of collected service taxes to locked PENCIL holders


Sneak peek of Pencil DAO upcoming deliverables and features

Our NFT Samples

This is a sample collection of NFT images generated using our NFT factory tooling prototype. This product is not final and is generated just to show the basic abilities of our factory


Showcase is not fully functioning as it is ongoing work. Currently on marketplace you can see only Lomen NFT collection.
On Pencil DAO native marketplace, users will be able to trade their NFT received on Pencil DAO ecosystem or other NFT collectsions listed on Pencil DAO.


Showcase not available right now.
Native Pencil DAO NFT mintpad will allow digital artist to distribute their  NFT collections on Pencil DAO ecosystem.

Governance Platform

Showcase not available right now.
Governance Platform (DAO) will use PENCIL tokens as a voting power to change ecosystem preferences like marketplace, launchpad, factory taxing and fees, artists onboarding rules and many more.

NFT Factory

Showcase not available right now.
This NFT Factory will enable everyone to have their own dream NFT collection for some fee. Factory will allow users to generate NFT art using Pencil DAO preloaded template parts, or user will be able to use their own images to construct the final NFT piece of art.